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Training week

Brazil 2019


Welcome to participate in a training week with the theme:

Empowered women for social health and environment

Locally for small farming – Globally for the climate of the earth

It takes place January 28 until February 1, 2019 in Sobral, Ceará-Brazil

A cooperation between CETRA, an NGO located in Ceará Brazil and Bento50 AB

  • Seminar with four main subjects
    Water supply in the semiarid northeast of Brazil. The Program P1MC shows how.
    Agroecological farming. Sustainable farming using diversified crops.
    Energy supply for cooking. Biogas plant using fuel from the family´s own animals.
  • Sustainable social and environmental devlopment

 Field visits 
You will visit families which has participated in the program P1MC . 

  •                                                               Targeting to reach water supply for 1 million families.
  •                                                                     Today it has reached over 1 000 000 families. The set goal is reached!
  •                                                                     You will visit families applying agroecological farming.
  •                                                                         A farming free of chemical pesticides and genetically modified crops.
  •                                                                            You will visit families which have used their own biodigester for a while.
  •               View the video showing the improvement of the life in the family.
  • You will be trained in constructing a family adapted biodigester within the project Biogás Sertão+100

Before and after . . . . .
2 days before the training week we will meet you at the airport in Fortaleza.
You will experience a round tour in the always sunny city and get the chance to enjoy the Brazilian beach life.
After the training week we travel to a peaceful place for relaxing. We summarize and evaluate the week.
We arrange with transportation to the airport in Fortaleza.


You arrange and pay for your travel to Fortaleza by yourself.

Expenses in Brazil are:

Accommodation and daily meals. Self financed.
Charged fee: Travelling during the stay, interpretor Portugueze/English, guiding and the seminar max. 600 USD .

 You are most welcomed to contact me for further details on the visit.

Welcome to contribute financially to the project Biogás Sertão+100. Click to read Project description.
You transfer the sum that suits you as a private person, company or organization

International transfer

Receiver: Bento50 AB

Bank: Swedbank, Address: Stenungstorg

Postal code: SE-444 30, City: Stenungsund

BIC: SWEDSESS, IBAN: SE2380000810599043643353

Mark the payment: BGS100

 Join by supporting and enlightening the great idea of providing a biogas plant for individual families.
The goal is to have the official Brazil to take responsibility and participate.
Share knowledge and experiences! Give the people of the world hope!

Please, feel free to share this invitation amongst your friends