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Biogás Sertão+100 – Social environmental project 2015 – 2019 . . . .

This is an open invitation to come and get experiences of the project in Ceará, Brazil

Please let me know if you are interested



Your financial contribution is welcome

International transfer

Receiver: Bento50 AB

Bank: Swedbank, Address: Stenungstorg

Postal code: SE-444 30, City: Stenungsund

BIC: SWEDSESS, IBAN: SE2380000810599043643353

Mark the payment: BGS100

 Join by supporting and enlightening the great idea of providing a biogas plant for individual families.
The goal is to have the official Brazil to take responsibility and participate.
Share knowledge and experiences! Give the people of the world hope!

Please, feel free to share this invitation amongst your friends